New Location!

The Studio has moved! We are no longer located in Plainview. We have moved further out East on Long Island to Brentwood. This was not part of the plan, but the Landlord in Plainview sold the house. This left me & Redrum 90 days to find a new place and move into it! With the exception of one remaining Bicycle and 2 folding chairs, I am out of Plainview. “The Plainview Period” saw me pull off many things including filtering a 6 room house into someone’s extra room. “The Plainview Period” also was the most prolific period for my Art. I had not picked up a pencil in 25 years, yet I produced more drawings in these 4 years than in my life. I am hoping that this inspiration will follow me to my new place. I am still setting things up, but I have made the set up of my Art studio a key part of the new Studio De Angelo in Brentwood. Stay tuned for some new Art from the new Studio De Angelo! Carry On… @