For Sale…

The good news is that have linked up with Fine Arts America to sell prints of my Art. It is not the most profitable solution but it is easier for you and me. You get to choose size, paper & even the frame if you want. They do all the work. The shipping, packing, framing and the online transaction. All I have to do is make the Art and maintain the webpage they provide for free. That is the other good news, all this is free for me. Free is good. I originally planned to do this all myself, but the bad news that came along 2 weeks ago has changed that.

The Bad news is that the house my Studio is in is going up for sale. I have about 90 days to be ready to move. So, once again “the future is uncertain and the end is always near” as Jim Morrison of The Doors said. It was a shock and surprise that stopped my drawing in its tracks. I have started drawing again regardless. I have a big drawing on my table and finishing it will give me the diversion I need from the dynamic times ahead. Right now it is all I can do besides packing, sorting and moving. I was kind of forced to join an online art dealer because I just cant be shipping doing all that stuff. None of this matters unless people buy my Art. Here is the link to my Profile on Fine Arts America and please, please buy something. It all goes to help me find a new Studio.

Carry On… @ngelo