Welcome To Studio De @ngelo…

It is now official. This is my new Website and Business. I have spent the past week re-earning my Webmaster wings for sure and have transferred most of my online assets here. Facebook Images, Blog Posts and Facebook Accounts have been altered, changed and eliminated as a result. Sorry for any inconveniences or confusion.

Studio De Angelo was founded 4 years ago after I moved out of Rancho De Angelo in Levittown and into a small rented studio in Plainview. The Ranch was my home and I was very happy there most of the time. I ran a Music Festival called “Twangstock” for many years in it’s big backyard. My band “Strange But Surf” was also formed in it’s Garage. I created many Art pieces, {but no Drawings} and many Videos there, but it’s original focus was to settle down with my Finance. That did not work, she got cold feet and left me. Boo Hoo, maybe. I dodged a big bullet and I ended up in great debt as a result.

To make a long story short, 14 years later, I declared Bankruptcy and left the Ranch on January 10th of 2019. January 11th I was laid off, which did not help. January 12th, I traded in 2 Gretch Guitars for a new Reverend Guitar. January 13th I bought a Pad of Drawing Paper and the Drawing began. For the next 4 months, I lived on Unemployment benefits and I also started Door Dashing. It was undeniable that I had started a new life and I was determined to make it count. A new Guitar and a new Pad of Paper were my only tools, besides my trusty Pencils to make it all work. Oh, I did I mention that I also bought a groovy new Camera to capture new images for my new focus.

Through all this I realized that Art was what was missing in my life.
I had not seriously lifted a Pencil in 25 years…

The start of a new life began with this drawing of Frank Sinatra’s Mug Shot.

I eventually found a cool job as a Web Designer and things started working out better and better. I maintained my Drawing but at a slower pace. Life building and Art making don’t always work together sometimes. I had a lot of help from some dear friends and I am powerless to thank them all properly, but I will not stop trying.

An old saying of mine is “Music is my Religion, Art is my Therapy”. A recent change in my Relationship status, found me needing both. I booked a series of shows for my surf band well into next summer. I started a series of Drawings based on my Photos of Jones Beach that I have taken over the past 4 years. I am trying my best and using all my best tools and techniques on these. It is all occupying my Brain of too many Marbles quite well. Well enough to build on this new life that really is working out, up here in Plainview. How better to show all that stuff off, then with a new Website! This is It! It is a secure, PayPal enabled, real deal site, hosted by WordPress to learn about my Arts and maybe buy 1 or 2. Hint, Hint. LOL. I make sites for clients every day to make money, so now it is my turn.

Please follow The Blog, it has been exported here from my wildly popular blog at MarblesMahoney.com, which is also connected to this site. I update it, almost every day in hope that it brings us closer together and helps you understand the Art I create and the Music that I make.

Carry On… @ngelo aka Marbles Mahoney.