Dear Mr. January…

“Jones Beach, Field 4” by Angelo J. Liguori

I do not mean to be disrespectful, but you really were not nice to me again. I know there are others to blame, but I do not care to involve them anymore, so you are my target. You came after a disasterous December that was nothing near merry or happy. It all is not new to me, but dealing with your yearly gift of a broken heart and nice dose of Depression is becoming a bore. However, dear Cold Hearted, Sir, this time I am ready for you. I started Drawing again back in November, Thanxgiving weekend. I kept at it all thru December and gave up several times. I started a major Art project that will see me thru your attack on my psyche. I also booked many shows to use my other weapon against you, my Music. All my life these things have seen me thru the hard times, and I wield these weapons well, Mr. January.

I did not want to even talk to you, but this year you took away my best friend and a lot of my hopes too. I can not tell you the amount of hurt that involved. As a person with not much family, I take my relationships very seriously. While everyone has to go their own way, and I wish them the best, I am not following in your footsteps, Sir. I will gladly admit that you were successful in hurting me. You also hurt a lot of other people I call family. Many of them lost more than just a relationship. Some of them lost their love ones to Covid and more.

To my surprise, I find myself in a very cool place in my life to be dealing with you. My new life, I started 4 years ago, is also a weapon against your viscous attack. When I moved, I re-focused my life on my Art & my Music and made my happiness a priority over my Career. I am once again starting over in some ways today from scratch, but I am an Artist, you know. Every piece starts with a blank piece of Paper. I have a whole pad a nice blank pieces of Drawing paper and a hot Trio of a Surf Band that is going to get you out of my business, once and for all.

Carry On… Angelo

Take that Mr. January!