37 Hours To Go…

I think everyone needs to take a time out from Facebook. Not only Facebook but other Social media outlets as well. Not that it is a bad thing, and can be, but it is just that not being online is a much better thing. It is very easy to get caught up in other peoples issues, for one thing. For some of us, that is an escape. We can live vicariously thru your lives instead of our own. We even get to pick and choose what we want to be involved with. This is so much better than reality, isn’t it? LOL, but it is not really funny, especially around the Holidays. For people with Depression, for whatever reasons, social media can become a drug that provides a good high. Even if you account is Restricted like mine. Facebook Jail is a lot like real jail in many ways. You are isolated from friends and family, but can still see them sometimes, but the ways you can communicate to them are highly restricted. I have not been able to post, like, check-in or respond to anything now, for almost 30 days. While I have missed my friends and family, I have also grown to appreciate spreading myself out among the other Social Media sites. Re-finding friends and family with a new Facebook profile and accounts have opened my eyes about a lot. For now, I will wait another 2 days before I try out Facebook, beyond whatever they let me do now. I certainly will not do anything so radical as express my opinion! LOL. I may cancel some of my accounts, so stay tuned to this Blog and if you must be on Facebook, see me at my official FB page… https://www.facebook.com/marblesmahoneys

Carry On… Mm