The Internet.

The World Wide Web. It brought us together all around the world. It sure did. We were supposed to be gaining a great resource as knowledge would be “freely” shared between us. Maybe not all of it is free but there certainly is a lot to be learned online. Bringing everyone together also leveled the playing field for us all too. Not only were we capable of being smarter together, we are now capable of just the opposite. We can wallow in Ignorance as much as Knowledge now. If you have not looked around lately, you can see what side of the field most people are gravitating towards. Instead of advancing us, the internet has set us back. Not completely, but as a whole, we are not as bright a species as we used to be. You can see this everyday. More and more instructions are laid out before us to help us understand things that are just plain common sense. Every little facet of life now has a warning label of one kind or another attached. Many of us think that the Internet is smarter than we are and stop using the Brain in their head. The Brain gets weaker from not being used and you rely on the internet more and more. This post is one of many that I have written to warn you of the dangers of the Internet. Now however it is a matter of life and death. So many are now using the net to spread misinformation about deadly viruses, political parties and the very nation is at stake as a result. I work on the internet, as a web designer, I actually create it. I see it in a bigger picture that most of you. I hope you take my words seriously and rely on your brain more than Googles. Carry On… Mm

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