Hornets Holiday Party!

22 years is a long time to do anything. The Hornets Scooter Club however seems to have had no problem getting here. We have had our share of dramas, issues, tragedies and more for sure. We have also had many many miles of riding together though all of that and more. This past 2 years have been hard on all of us, my club has been no exception. it was my personal mission to bring back as many of our traditions as possible as the Covid virus limited our activities somewhat. We are a loosely organized group of dedicated Scooterists, but a bit or organization is called for to mark our success. Riding with and keeping together such a group is just that… a success. This week we will get together with our friends, loved ones and our love for Scooters and celbrate another year gone and another year coming up to…

Scoot ON!