I am a Scooterist…

I admit it. I am a Scooterist. It is different than being a Biker. Whatever you are riding, there are similarities for sure. Yes, we are both on 2 wheels & we do not always get the best reputations assigned to us. Most people when they see a Scooter think it is a Moped. It is not. In fact those are fighting words, LOL. At first sight they are already trying to pass you. Regardless of how fast I am going. 55 in a 30? – No way are they following “The Moped”. So they will create a dangerous situation for us all and pass me at 70mph in a 30. Yesterday it happened in a 25 mph School Zone. The other difference we Scooterists do not really have unlimited speed. 65mph is as fast I can go and I do it all the time with ease and quite quickly. For a typical Motorcycle 130mph or more is top speed. Both take a special kind of unique finesse.

It also takes a unique kind of finesse to deal with people you meet. A lot us end of with a chip on a shoulder by being ridiculed or when we get told… “When are you going to get a real bike”. LOL. Laughing it off helps. Road rage doesn’t help and is another thing you have to finesse yourself about. Once all that is sorted out, you find yourself riding a cool smooth machine that feels to me like my own personal roller coaster ride. These things I speak of are not as much about the Scooter as it about how the Scooter changes you. They say a car moves your body and a Motorcycle moves your soul. That applies even more on a Scooter.

Nowadays all new Scooters are Automatic without a Clutch. It certainly makes riding easier. That means it has been easier for more people to ride these darn things. Since the turn of the century when Vespa returned to the US market after a 14 year absence, a sort of Scooter explosion has occurred. Even before that Vintage Scooters and some interesting vehicles came our way on this side of the pond. Europe has a much bigger scene and much bigger sales potential. We are a Harley based 2 wheeled society, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Anyways, to make my story short. I have been at it since 1995 and I formed The Hornets Scooter Club of Long Island in 1999 and I have been the Pied Piper of Scootering ever since. That thing called life has thrown a lot of curve balls at me, but here I am, going on 60, still scooting. This year I bought a 2019 Vespa Primavera. Wow. It was a major financial & an emotional accomplishment. It is one that I couldn’t do any of, until I admitted, I am a Scooterist.

Scoot On… Mm