AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT FACEBOOK. This is not a joke. As you may have heard, changes are coming our way on Facebook. Besides changing there name, a number of things have changed. Go check out your settings menus. They have changed. I have not investigated it all yet, but they have made it harder to remove or change your profile. Some Privacy settings may have been changed, but Privacy is now a major problem here on Facebook. Stay with me on this folks, it is important. Last night a friend came over to show me some things she bought at AMVETS Thrift Store. She mentioned that specific name in front of me and my cell phone. My cell phone was on but in sleep mode and not with Facebook open. This morning when I pulled up Facebook on my phone, an ad for AMVETS was right at the top of my news feed. Is my cellphone listening? To be fair, I have gone there and probably have liked their page in the past a long time ago, which makes me fair game to be served ads for sure. This incident follows several others that people have told me about recently. I am far from Paranoid and neither are the people that have talked to me about this. In fact it is a subject of conversation at my job and we are all internet professionals. This all has me very concerned. I will study this more before I take action, but the obvious action is to reduce my presence on Facebook. I will be doing that starting today. On top of the many ridiculous harassments that they have done to me by their Artificially Intelligent policy monitors it seems that the time has come to re-evaluate my social media profile. Please stay tuned and be careful about what you say around your cell phone. I am 100% serious about this. Carry On.. Mm