Whistleblow Me…

There are many things to talk about today, but this one should be the first. The recent Interview on 60 Minutes and the Testimony that followed about Facebook is paramount of a subject. It actually strikes at every other news story or even concept. The charge is that FB (Facebook) profits off of the negative content on its platform, that it does intentionally in fact. All for profit. Guilty as charged. Is the verdict of this humble writer.

It is no secret that exciting headlines generate readers, which generates advertising, which generates money. It is not anything new either to fabricate and encourage behavior that amplifies all of this too. Facebook and other social media outlets are just as guilty as any business. The genius of it, is that their product is YOUR creation, not theirs. Your posts, opinions and reactions generate what they classify as profitable. You are guilty too. So am I. We are not guilty for having those ideas, but we are guilty of allowing them to use them & us for profit.

Facebook is a great tool to communicate. So is yelling FIRE in a crowed Movie Theater. We have laws against that and the designs of Movie Theaters are also governed by laws that are in place to protect us in case of a real Fire. I can personally attest to the popularity and sometimes profitability of creating posts that incite reaction. While I do not make money off of this Blog, the posts that point out the truth about the former president, foe instance – have way more hits than any others, by far.

So is it, our need for drama that is being measured or just the popularity of the subject? I think that is the broader question. Facebook is going to take the “popularity” approach for sure. It absolves them of anything, because they are just letting us provide them with free content that we are interested in. The “Drama” approach is the one that is the real culprit. We are once again Guilty in that one, folks.

We should have the freedom to choose for ourselves, what is interesting, dramatic or not. We have many tools at our disposal. A great Brain, the best on Earth, in fact. Eyes, Ears and senses of all kinds to help that Brain as well. Our senses have been overwhelmed by the recent explosion of communication and our minds still need time to catch up. Yes, it is a revolution, but the political revolutions taking up the front of the stage are just being paraded about by the media to shelter you from the fact that they are using you to increase their profits.

The only solutions I can see are for more regulation of places like Facebook. Just like a Movie Theater has to be safe for its visitors in a Fire. However the only regulation of our minds to stop yelling “Fire” when their isn’t one can come from within.

Carry On… Mm