trump Disgraces 9/11

Every former President honored the day by attending the combative events. To show respect. Respect and Honor, 2 things that the former President knows nothing about. What was the former President doing?

Announcing a Boxing match.

I kid you not. This disgrace will not be forgot, just like his supporters attack on the Capital on January 6th. 9/11 was an attack by foreigners. 1/6 was an attack by domestic terrorists. Our own people, urged on by the President himself on National TV. How much disgrace do any of you need to see what a disaster supporting the former president is. Are you all suckers for a reality show con man that is trying to destroy your country? Or are you a proud member of the greatest democracy and country the world has ever seen?

Answer the question.

Not just below in the comments but in your heart. Stop being a stooge and start being an American.

Carry On… Mm