What This Guy Said…

Honesty. Did we forget that? Honesty used to be a measure of character. Now it ends up being a sign of weakness to some. That “some” are those that are truly weak. Honesty also shows a responsibility to the TRUTH. Well, the TRUTH is especially offensive to those that can not handle the TRUTH. If you can not handle the TRUTH, be HONEST and have RESPONSIBILITY, you might be a Republican. The Republican party has become a Terrorist organization. The events of 1/6 proved that. So, if you like supporting Terrorism against your country, you might be a Traitor. These are the facts. Facts are not fake news. Denial of the facts is called “Ignorance”. Add all that up, Republican, Traitors & Ignorance and you get a trump supporter. If so, please avail yourself of the many flights to Russia leaving today. Stop calling yourself a “Patriot” or an American. You are neither. Did I offend you with my honesty? Sorry that was the Truth, not me that did that.

Carry On… Mm