They Are Called Facts…

Facts. Seems a lot of people are having problems understanding this word in the English language. In my opinion the Graphic above will help those afflicted with this issue. It is a shame that a lot of these people are also afflicted with Covid 19. Seems one affliction begets the other. Denial of the facts is called “Ignorance”. That is a virus that we need to fight against even harder. The USA is the greatest Democracy the world has ever seen. Now one of it’s Political parties has been subverted by Fascists. Imagine that? American Fascists. Of course that is not what they call themselves. They hide behind what was once the great Republic Party. They call themselves “Patriots”, “Proud Boys”, “Oath Keepers” & more. All bent on one purpose to end Freedom in the USA. They blindly follow their rich masters because they worship money and think that those that have a lot of it must also have a lot of knowledge on how to run the country. Well these ignorants are perfect fodder the the Fascist Republican Party and its cadre of rich companies and individuals. As they say, they love the poorly educated. Those that do not understand our freedom can easily convinced to give it up by these traitors. They only want one thing your Freedom. They want to turn our country into a Disneyland for the rich and create a caste system of workers and owners. A place where only the rich can be free and the poor just die off. Why do you think they have never put forth a Health Care program? They want you to die off, so there is more Medical assistance for those that can afford it, making the overly rich and greedy Medical world even richer. In the greatest, richest country in the world, the only way you can live is if you can afford to. Need Medicine? How much you got? How much money does breathing mean to you? Everyday people decide between Food or Medicine. That is an even bigger shame than these traitors calling themselves “Patriots”.

Carry On… Mm


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  1. Your opinions are specious. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are being violated daily by 535 people. As an independent American citizen, I am appalled at what is happening. I belong to no party.


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