The Strange But Surf Trio Live @ Otto’s Shrunken Head…

We have been playing as a trio for a year or so now, but this will be the first time we will be at our home in NYC, Otto’s Shrunken Head. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, our live performance have been few and far between. Long Island is our home base and our focus. However, for over a dozen years we have played at Unsteady Freddie’s Surf Rock Shindig in NYC. It happens the first Saturday of the month. There are not that many shows that feature Surf Music, so being a part of it is natural. We have to thank everyone at Otto’s Steve, Nell & the entire staff for keeping the place alive thru a very difficult time. Thanx also needs to go to Freddie as well, for years he has run this show and been a cheerleader of Surf Music around the world.

This debut of a band that has been around since 2004 may sound strange, and it is going to be a special occasion. Founding member Barry Simon retired last year, so we had some strange re-organizing to do. Tired of our rotating staple of Bass Players, we asked our original Bass Player Ed Kern to be our Bassist once again. He is a very busy player and is the Bass Player for The Scofflaws, a very famous Ska band. Greg Timm takes up an awesome task as our one and only Guitar Player. His years of experience in all types of music and bands leaves him well qualified. Me, I am Marbles Mahoney and I just keep pounding the beat out to whatever comes my way. As always we let the talents of our members drive the music. I can tell you that this combo is the most interesting one yet. I hope you come to Otto’s to see and hear our new sound.

Carry On… Mm