Aint It The Truth…

Sorry if common sense offends you. Sorry if Science offends you. Sorry if America offends you. Sorry If I offend you. Sorry if living in a Democracy offends you.

In fact I am so sorry for you that I want to help. Here are the times to the latest flights to Moscow…

Carry On… Mm

1+ flights per day,10h 10m duration

Moscow, Russia (all airports) to New York, NY (JFK)Search flight prices on Google

10:25 am → 1:20 pm

Aeroflot 100–T—-SVO – JFK

10:45 am → 1:40 pm

Aeroflot 100S——SVO – JFK

2:15 pm → 5:30 pm

Aeroflot 102SMT-TF-SVO – JFK

2:15 pm → 5:30 pm

Aeroflot 124—W–SSVO – JFK

8:00 pm → 10:50 pm

Aeroflot 122—–F-SVO – JFK

Connecting flights

12h 10m+

Aeroflot, LOTvia Warsaw

13h 10m+

Finnairvia Helsinki

13h 15m+

Aeroflot, KLMvia Amsterdam

13h 40m+

LOTvia Warsaw

13h 45m+

Air France, Deltavia Paris