The Hornets Ride For St. Judes…

We did a really long ride yesterday for our weekly Sunday Swarm. Our plan was to one of our most popular semi annual ride, the “Two Forks, Two Ferries” Ride. It takes us across both of the forks of NY’s Long Island via 2 ferries to get on and off a little island in between, known as Shelter Island. Well that was the plan…

The plan also included raising money for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. That went according the plan, we raised $300 using Facebook Fundraiser. It is still active for another week at this link if you want to donate… [url] [/url]

Our infamous Long Island Traffic cut into our time on this one. By the time we got to our first stop and had lunch, near the site of the first ferry, a town called Greenport it was already 2pm. This did leave us time to do the whole route under normal circumstance. Being adept at our own Island, we realized that a jaunt over to the South fork would put us right smack in the middle of Hamptons Traffic. Those world famous Hamptons generate a lot of traffic, especially when there is only one road in and out of the general area.

But as I say, “The Ride IS the Destination”. We mainly took the main road out and back called 25A. It is the “Route 66” of Long Island. Holy cow, if you want diversity and scenery, it has it all. From farmland as far as the eye can see, to Jet Fighters, Lakes, harbors, torist traps, dozens of Farms Stands, Small Towns and so much more. Not be forgotten is all of the many Wineries out there on our sometimes too Long Island. All occasionally mixed in with a strip mall or over priced Condo complex, LOL.

We made our home away from home, the town of Greenport for a little while and contemplated our 2-3 hour ride back. Greenport is a touristy, retro, biker laden town almost at the end of our North Fork. It’s out there and this ride reminded us about how long the island is. Round trip for those that came from NYC was almost 200 miles, about 160 for me and 2019 Vespa Primavera. It rode though w/o a hitch. :clap:

It is my hope that this ride inspires others to do more rides for Charity. 😎

I did not take many pics, as I have my hands full sometimes keeping a bunch of Hornets in order. But here are a few…

Carry On… Mm