And The Truth Hurts…

That’s right. Two of a kind, Cowards of the highest order. Both used their charisma to influence the weak minded. Both had hopes of starting a race war. Both did not lift a finger to commit the crime of murder. Charlie however only had the resources of few hippies that he brainwashed, the other had piles of money. Both of these monsters also had an affinity for Hitler. Yeah, Hitler. Remember that guy. He his laughing from his grave at every Republican than voted for the former president. That particular monster is an expert at embezzlement and spent his life conning people. His atrocities started long before the weak elected him president. But, now, all the White Supremists, Racists, Haters and more now had a savior. Manson and his crew had flyers and charm for sure, but none of it compared to the con this disgrace pulled off. He played upon the fear generated by 9-11 and all the rest that triggers the afforce mentioned types. He had all the money in the world too, but he didn’t use it. He used moneys donated by his followers, Hmmm, this tale sounds like one of a cult. Well that is what the once great Republican party has devolved into. Do not devolve yourself or our county by ever, ever voting for this disgrace of a political party. Do not fall for their propaganda, that is peddled on Fox News and other traitors entities. You are an American, be better, think better and most importantly, vote better!

Carry On… Mm