What Makes America Great…

One of the greatest Americans of our lifetime. More than just an Icon of Civil Rights from the past. He is an enduring reminder of who we are as Americans. Americans of every stripe in fact. Many can not look the color of his skin, these are called “Racist” in case you did not know. It was not even that horror of ignorance that stopped him from making America great. He did more than just fight for the rights of Black people. he fought to have America stand up to it’s principles, it’s ideals and it’s very meaning. We are the greatest example of the concept of Democracy that has ever existed. That is not my opinion, it is a fact. All the things I have written about here are facts. Many people however choose to deny the facts. Look it up and your find that denial of the established facts is called “Ignorance”. Being Ignorant on purpose? Well, that can only be described as a trump supporter. That has become the Icon of this era, Ignorance. It was played upon by a rich Millionaire Con Man by exploiting the “Poorly Educated”. Most of these people were ignorant already, but not always of their own choosing. There are many reasons for not being educated that are not always an individual’s fault. Poverty, Racism and more contribute to it all, and it is something that we try to decrease as Americans. However these “trumpets” blare out the conspiracy theories and fake facts all designed to influence and increase the state of Ignorance in this country. All for the benefit of themselves. Themselves. That is what Martin Luther King Jr. taught us all is the most dangerous of things. Think just for yourself is not the American way. Fight the danger, use your Vote. I am not advocating for any particular party. The Republican party, however has surely and blatantly showed America their true colors. If you are not the right color you not part of the plan, unless your are ignorant, then you are “loved”. Oh boy, theirs goes that Racism thing, which is just another sign of being… IGNORANT.

Carry On… Mm