The Big Lie Is Bigger Than You Think…

It is not just about “The Big Lie” that the Faciscts push about last year’s election. Oh, no that is just the tip of the Iceberg. Lies have been being used in a great way over the past few years. Think of it. A con man led his way all the way to the Presidency of this country. He continued to lie successfully all though his term and trust me folk, that did not go unnoticed. Not just by us that love our country, not just by Politicians of either side either. It was very well noticed by Corporate America. If a man could con his way into the Presidency they could con your way into your wallet. He made and is still making money off off lies, why cant they? It gets worse. As the ultimate bad example of a President showed us, money was not his only target. The Rules, Laws and Regulations that restricted his talents to con were on the hit list. I am sure that also interested the Corporate world. A world looking for unrestricted profits to satisfy their unrestricted greed. That still is not the worst of it. He demonstrated that lies could be used to destroy our freedoms. Freedoms that soo many fought and died for throughout history. The past few years have been a textbook on how our country is vulnerable to these attacks. Just as 9-11 exposed many vulnerabilities. Now besides the horror of a President attcking his own country, but now we have corporate America attacking us for our freedom. They do not want us to have the freedom to question them, just like the Politicians. They want to dictate to your terms and conditions that are not their to protect you, but to protect their profits. Don’t fall for any of this, is easy to say, but it is not a solution. Our Democracy is a solution, but one that is under attack by a swarm of big and little lies. They seek to overwhelm you and make you numb to fighting back. It worked for the President. You can count on me and this website to help sort it out for you, so you do not loose your Marbles, or your freedom over it.

Carry On… Mm

One thought on “The Big Lie Is Bigger Than You Think…

  1. you are so right, Joseph Robinette Biden, his brother, his son are right up there with the biggest crooks to ever walk this earth. their evil knows no bounds.
    If you can’t see that, you are dumb as a doornail. or as evil as they.


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