I Got Gas…

$4.15, 93 Octane, Credit Card price is the highest I have paid here in NY. 

The Average so far has been around $3.50 or so, with a low of $3.19 & a high of $4.50 or so. All in less than a 20 miles radius, within the past month.

Such grand price swings in such a small urban area only seem to explain the total lack of anything else controlling the prices except for greed.

It is a 20 minute ride from my old place in Levittown (mostly Blue Collar) to my new place in Plainview. Plainview is a much more affluent area and the price, does all the talking.
I rent a small room in a big house, btw and I am lucky to live here. The real estate market is as crazy as the Gas Prices on Wrong Island.

One place near my house is charging $4.50 a gallon for 93. It is over a dollar a gallon cheaper only a few miles/minutes away. There are no rivers, valleys or mountains between these gas stations that would justify using transportation as a reason.

It is all Bullshit. If they could charge me $1.89 a gallon last summer for regular then they can still do it this summer and every summer and still make obscene profits.


Thank you for letting me rant, I will be here all week, tip your bartenders and be careful out there…

Carry On… Mm