Facebook Jail…

Here is the update from Facebook themselves about my ongoing 7 day suspension:

You can’t post or comment for 23 hours
This is because 8 of your previous posts didn’t follow our Community Standards.
Aug 3, 2021 – Your comment didn’t follow our Community Standards on harassment and bullying
May 31, 2021 – Your post didn’t follow our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity

I did nether of these things. I have appealed the most recent incident to an “Appeals Board” that I was directed to by Facebook. It is not connected to Facebook, BTW. I replied to a lady’s (that I do not know) statement with “I don’t think you can listen at all”… in reply to her statement of “We do not listen to your type”. This is all in reference to a post about getting Vaxed.

The May incident was so absurd that I just took the 3 day suspension of my account in stride and wrote about it here…


An image of a drawing I did of a mans head being studied for Migraines is what that is about. No Nudity, no Sex, no Violence.

The point of pointing out these absurdities is that your much celebrated idea of free speech probably does not come into play in the Facebook world. If they can restrict my free speech for “trumped” up reasons (pun intended) that have no basis in fact, then they can do it to you. It is a private service and they can do what they want. The Bill Of Rights stops at the Sign In page. It also stops at the door when you go to work and many other places. You should be aware of these things. The link to the article above goes more into the broader reasons for some of this. However, this Blog will continue to broadcast the truth, the facts and everything else you need, so you do not loose your Marbles.

Carry On… Mm