The Ride Is The Destination…

It is all about the ride. I hope this will be something we all can agree on. I have been leading rides every Sunday, weather permitting, out here on Long Island for over 20 years now. It never fails that I get asked the question “Where are you going this Sunday?” Usually the question seems to be posed based on that my answer will determine weather that will show up to ride or not. I instantly know, they don’t get it when the question is asked. My usual answer is “We will find out when we get there”. I know this disappoints some that want a fabulous answer. 😐

Yes, we all would like a really cool destination with Dancing Girls, Free Food, Rides and beautiful attractions with droves of adoring Scooter Fans oogling over the bikes. Oh and dont forget everything is free. Well, that’s nice. 🙄 Unfonunatly Disneyland isn’t free and not in NY and probably pretty boring after a while. 😯

It is the Ride from here to there that is point. The roads you take the things you see that is the main attraction. Your normal commute may have many many cool things to see and learn about that you would miss if you weren’t on a Scooter. Exploring different routes and experiencing everyday things like the smell of bakeries in the morning or that Steak house grilling up a storm. Maybe you will see a new store or place you may have missed. You aren’t going to either of those places, but you would miss that in your car.

Exploration & Discovery, those are pretty good destinations to me. 😎

The Mystery too is part of it. Getting lost is just another destination waiting to happen. If only I had a dollar for every time someone tells me “I never knew this place existed” or “How do you know about this place?” – The answer is usually the same. “I did not know either. Making it up as you go along is what it about. “Wanderlust” is the word for it, I guess.

Anyways, after this explanation, I can tell you all “To go get lost” and not have it be a negative thing.

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Scoot On… Mm

My 2019 Vespa Primavera “Redemption”.