2 Forks, 2 Ferries…

…and 1 Charity. This is a favorite ride around these parts that we have done many times, but never for charity. The route takes us to both forks of Long Island. In between is Shelter Island and we take 2 Ferries on and off either side. The ride itself is a shorter version of another Charity ride I have done. For several years I rode the perimeter of Long Island, without using Highways in a day. It took about 14+ hours. I usually did that solo, but the last time, I took 24 people with me. Only 2 made it all the way. This ride, however wont take us to either end’s point. We will do that in separate rides. We do get around this rather Long Island in NY. Last year we did not do any long rides, due to Covid and other circumstances. This year we are going to try and make up those miles. We are also going to raise $500 for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. I promised my Sister on her death bed, that I would raise money for them with my Scooter. I had just bought my first one and everyone thought I was nuts. Imagine that! We last did this in 2017 and it is my decree as President that we do it again and we do it for Charity.

Anyways, we all have enough of Presidential decrees for awhile, here is the donation link.

It all goes direct to St Judes, via Facebook Fundraiser.


Wish us luck, we go on Sunday, August 15th, if the weather permits!

Scoot On… Mm