Aint It The Truth…

And it is the truth. If you still have an ounce of support for trump, you are what is wrong with America. Pleeez don’t call yourself a Patriot. That moniker is reserved for those who fight for our country’s constitution. When veterans joined the service they took an oath to defend this country from enemies abroad and within. Their has never been a bigger threat to our country from within than what happened on 1/6. If you are a Veteran, a Police officer or a Politician, please turn in your uniform and/or suit. You spit on that uniform, the moment you voted for that threat. You spit on the memory of every fallen officer. You proved that you do not have basic requirement of being a Patriot. Recognizing the enemy. If you could not recognize the biggest enemy our country has ever faced, perhaps you are the enemy. Patriots my ass.

Carry On… Mm