You Dont Know What You Are Talking about…

…and neither does most of these ignorant goons that conned their way into political office. Just look at the way Rand Paul conducts himself. The moment he hears something he does not like or understand, he interrupts. This straight out of the Jerk 101 textbook. Remember the Jerks of your childhood you avoided? Well, it seems they have found home with the Republicans, Keep your cool like Doctor Fauci when they try this on you. They hope to use your frustration to silence you, You have the truth on your side and the truth has patience. You also have America on your side too, so let them display their best Jackassery to you, and then, when THEY get frustrated, let them have it with both barrels of THE TRUTH. The Truth has patience for you, it is an undeniable weapon, more deadly than any other. Use it. Share it. live it. Do whatever you can at every level to vote out Republicans & that they no longer have a place in our government.

Thank you, Dr. Fauci, you fought the Corona virus and now fighting the ignorance virus that has infected not only certain pollical figures but a lot of us Americans. Please Share Liberally.

Carry On… Mm