Do Not Get Vaccinated…

Let’s use fire to fight fire. The Republican traitors want to kill us off by denying us healthcare. They want to do whatever they can to get those pesky poor people out of the way. Well, I say, lets not divide our resources fighting them. Lets just let them do what they want in terms of the virus. encourage them. Tell them it is their choice, and you respect them for it, they will eat that up. Let them be ignorant. Let them be dead. They will die off faster than we will. 99% of the deaths caused by the virus are from un-vaccinated people. Image how much greater this country would be if we got rid of 99% of the Republicans. It has really nothing to do with politics, just ignorance. Use there own ignorance against them. Tell them whatever they want to hear and not get the Vaccine. Put them in the grave they reserved for you. If you have a Brain, you already have taken the vaccine and do not need to be told anything because you, have, a, Brain. Please Share Liberally.

BTW, I am fully Vaccinated. I have a Brain.

Carry On… Mm

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