Facebook Does Not Like This Blog…

OK. I get it. They do not like the fact that I am posting from here instead of there. I make my posts here on this Blog and then share them to Facebook. The here I speak of is a Blog site that I paid to have for a year from WordPress.com. While I am a professional Web Designer and I can build a any website I want, I wanted a site that was functional, not just a static showcase of my talents. My work does a good enough job of showcasing my creativity to my clients and that is what counts. What also counts is our freedom to be creative, be honest and be truthful. That freedom has been under attack from all angles for sure, but that is not what I am here to talk about. I am here to talk about Facebook’s response to it all.

Trump just sued facebook. Violations of his free speech and such. They have nothing to worry about. Or do they? They seemingly want to cover their buts. I don’t blame them, but coming after my posts shows all all how deep they are going. It seems they want to make a statement about their standards, Standards that do not seem quite consistent. I could say that with better certainty if they explained the nature of their problem. Their canned, programed responses are as vague as those that created them. Get real Facebook. If you are going to imune my right to free speech in any way, you need to explain why in any way as well.

Isn’t that fair?

I posted a picture on Facebook about 6 weeks ago. I posted it as my profile photo. They said it violated their terms of “Nudity & Sexual Violence”. You can see it here… https://marblesmahoney.com/2021/07/06/facebook/

Since then I have had some various warnings like this..

We found that STRANGE BUT SURF didn’t follow our Community Standards. It’s against our standards to mislead people or Facebook by things like:

  • Misrepresenting your Page’s identity or purpose
  • Using multiple Facebook accounts or sharing accounts between multiple people
  • Creating new accounts or taking other actions to avoid restrictions on posting, commenting or sharing too much
  • Making it difficult to know your content’s origin or making your content seem more popular than it is
  • Using multiple Pages to post similar content in a way that misleads people

We may unpublish, restrict or reduce the distribution of your Page if it goes against these or any of our other Community Standards again. These standards are in place to help keep Facebook safe for everyone.

View Community Standards

The Facebook Team

Strange But Surf is my band. I am not posting in any other way than I have in over a dozen years. It seems now that anything connected to me on Facebook is being scrutinized with the same bizarre standards that was applid to my image. An image BTW was hand drawn by me for a college project. A drawing based on a LIFE magazine photo of a mans head being studied for Migraines.


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