Prices Hiked At Lidl…

Prices are way up at the newest grocery store in town. They rolled in with really low prices that got everyone’s attention. Now however there is another thing to rethink. Higher prices. What a wow it was when they opened with 69 Cents for a Dozen Eggs. That price has almost doubled. A Can of Tuna that was 67 Cents is now 99 Cents. Just take a cruise to the store and the new pricing. Some things are still low, but how long will that last? Once again we have been conned by another Grocer that thinks we wont notice. We did. We will try to not notice Lidl anymore. Rethink Grocery? Rethink Lidl. Thanks for nothing.

Carry On… MM

UPDATE: Facebook removed this post because they claim it violates their rules on “Bullying”!