July 4th…

Today is the day that we celebrate our freedom from Tyranny. We were very luck last year on Election Day. We dodged the bullet of Tyranny once again. The Fascists’ in our government under the banner of the once great Republican Party are still trying to destroy the American way of life. That banner below, our flag has been disgraced by their action. In fact they even beat a Cop with the American Flag. They do so out of fear like the cowards they are. That fear started on 9/11 and they used that fear and paranoia stoked by trump to justify an attack on our Capitol on 1/6. We will never forget who brought down the Towers and the price they paid and never forget who attacked the Capitol of The United States, Republicans, So do yourself and your country a favor today and celebrate your freedom from the Republican Party!

Carry On… Mm

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  1. Good morning,
    I enjoy your emails. Does the Hornet scooter club still meet? I am getting my first scooter soon and would like to join the group. Could I keep up with just a 50cc bike or will it be too slow?
    Mark Schwartz


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