It is the day Yay, the day of Pay! Every other Friday it comes along for me. I will be broke again in 24 hours, but money cant buy you happiness… LOL – It does however buy me a place to stay, food, gas, laundry, things & stuff. It has been a interesting week, I had only $52 to my name 6 days ago. Here I am on Friday, alive and well. I tell you this to remind you that for less money than you will probably spend on Dinner in a restaurant, people like me, sometimes get by on for a whole week. I have $4 dollars left, btw. Doing everything I do at half my old pay scale with a part time job isn’t easy but sure is rewarding. A reward that brings a little happiness along with it! I have to note that I am in a much better place now that I was a few years ago. Again, I stress that it was not money that made things better. It was me. There, I said it. So say Yay for me too today!

Carry On… Mm