The Shindig…

For well over a dozen years, something unique has been happening in NYC. On a far flung area of East Village is a Tiki Bar called “Ottos Shrunken Head”. It is owned by a good friend of mine named Steve and I have been hanging out there since it opened. When CBGB’s closed down, Otto’s became the replacement in many ways. Offering a steady stream of Bands and performers it quickly became the place to be and be seen & heard. One of it’s most well known promoters, the famous Frank Wood helped in so many ways I cant even fathom. From working the door to booking bands he became a fixture of not only Otto’s but of the entire NY Music Scene. He even arranged to bring my old Punk band “The Chiselers” back together after a long hiatus to perform an infamous Halloween show.

Fast forward a few years and you will find this little Marble, retired from the music biz. However the retirement did not last long. I bought a house and tried to settle down, but the house had a Garage and every good Garage needs a band.
It took a few false starts and changes, but Strange But Surf was created here. At the same time I huge resurgence of Surf Music occurred due to the genre being featured in the Movie “Pulp Fiction”. At the same time, a Lawyer that goes by the name of “Unsteady Freddie” turns up on the first Saturday of the month with a show featuring 3 Surf Rock Bands. He calls it “Unsteady Freddie’s Surf Rock Shindig”.

You all should know that despite the resurgence of Surf Music around the turn of the century, the genre remains a West Coast thing to this day, with the exception of the East Coast scene. Unsteady & Ottos gave this genre a home on the “Right Coast”. My band Strange But Surf plays this show on a regular basis. It is quite a thing. A Tiki Bar in the middle of NYC, cranking out Surf music ends up being a magical trip to the Beach with visions of the 60’s Beach movies in your head.

Unsteady Freddie is not a Musician, but he is probably Surf Music’s greatest Fan & Cheerleader. His Shindig had to take a break during the Quarantine, but now it is back. In 2 days, on July 3rd, The Supertones (One of the greatest Surf Bands ever, and based in NYC) ring in a new era of Shindigs. In fact for the next few months The Shindig return with a new 1 band, 2 set format until restrictions ease up. Next month it is the beyond amazing Commercial Interruption from Connecticut. Then in September it is my band, Strange But Surf’s turn to celebrate with a special 2 set show. It is an honor to be a part of the return of Surf Music to NYC. If you live in the NYC area, you should avail yourself of one of NYC’s treasures, Otto’s Shrunken Head. The tip of the Iceberg is Unsteady Freddie’s Surf Rock Shindig and is something you should not miss.

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