Patriots? LOL…

Patriots, my ass. These so called “Patriots” are nothing but home grown Terrorists. They are driven by fear. They are doing exactly what the terrorists that brought down the World Trade Center on 9-11 did. Those terrorists wanted to send a message that we were not untouchable on our home soil. Well, our home soil is now sown with fear from that Tragic day. Since then we have seen the rise of Fascism and Anti-Democracy groups. The most powerful of these has shockingly become the Republican Party. A once proud Political Party has grasped on to that fear and exploited it. Exploited all of us into think that America must be “Made Great Again”. It always was and always will be despite the fear mongering cowards that are trying to destroy it. This makes the terrorists abroad very happy that they are doing their work for them. Jan 6th was just as tragic. Yes, 9-11 was tragic in that a foreign entity brought down the biggest building in NYC. Jan 6th was even worse, as it was carried off by our own people, urged on by our President! If you don’t find this a problem, please be on the next plane to Russia and stop calling yourself a “Patriot”.

Carry On… Mm


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  1. Bulls#!t! I am a Proud Patriot that served 7 years as a Vietnam Veteran and then upon being honorably Discharged for the SECOND time I accepted a position as a Police Officer to help the community where I chose to live so that I could help those who were my neighbors. I risked my life many times and after 10 years I risked it one too many times and it resulted in my being disabled in the line of duty and being totally disabled. That ended my career in a job that I loved. I feel Blessed that I survived and was able to continue my life helping others and getting married to a beautiful Lady and helping to raise not only my two boys but her children as well. If I was able I would STILL be a Police Officer or in the Military and gladly serve my country or community. Currently I am the Vice-Commander of American Legion Post #37 and the District three Chairman for the Republican Executive Committee of St Johns County and urge you to join us and let your voices be heard! Looking forward to seeing you.


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