Just Saying…

Please Share Liberally. If the whole thing doesn’t make sad at least you can laugh. I am a native New Yorker and I saw the great job that Guliani did as mayor. He deserved the title of “America’s Mayor”. He was the right man at the right time. That time included 9-11 and he rose up to lead the world thru that tragic time. Being the right man at the right time requires both and it is not always the right time because it was at one time. Time keeps moving and so do people. Being the “right man” also depends on the present circumstances not the past’s. Admiration and loyalty can go just so far when time and the man are no longer “Right” for each other. It is beyond sadness to see such a once great man descend into such a shameful, traitorous position. It would have been easy to disgrace himself in NY. Lords know many other NY Politicians have availed them selves of NYC’s inherent criminal activities. LOL. You have to laugh or you have to cry. I think most of us that care about our country are doing a little of both today. I prefer to do more of the laughing.

Carry On.. Mm