The Super Moon…

Those familiar with my posts on Social Media are aware that I am always warning people about the Full Moon. It is not the Moon itself that I warn of. It is the people affected by it. Anyone that deals with the public is aware of it, even when they are not. You may ask “What is up with People today?”. Usually the answer will be “It’s a Full Moon”. The term “Lunatic” comes from the Latin word for the Moon, “Luna” and is well deserved. People seem to more Cranky, Intolerant and just plain annoyed on these days. There are not many Scientific studies on this, but to me and anyone else driving today, you do not need a study. It is a Madhouse out there today on Long Island in NY. Even Animals can be driven a little mad. That Deer that ran out in front of my Scooter last night was definitely under the influence of something! Just be extra careful and give your fellow humans a break when the Moon is full.

Carry On… Mm