If we had more people using respect nowadays, we would have a much better place to live. Manners, too. There are limits to everything, but an extension of these things is the very definition of your Character. We see so many in everyday life, just being rude and selfish. They do not care. They do not see any benefit immediately, so they feel they should not waste the time. This goes back to the statement above. It is based on how you were raised. If you were raised by a jerk, you are probably one too. Sorry, I specialize in the truth here. Worse, even, you may not even know. I will help you out, here… If you voted for trump, you may be a jerk. The problem has gotten worse lately too. The Pandemic has made many people much insular. Using it as an excuse, just doesn’t cut it. Too be honest, there are a lot of valid reasons for concerns of interacting, but there are zero excuses for being nasty about it. It is what is in your heart that matters, not your wallet or your mouth.

Carry On… Mm