To Blog Or Not To Blog…

It has been a week now, since I re-launched After much thought I choose a Blog format from WordPress. WordPress is free, but I have a minimal paid Subscription, which among other things removes the ads they insert. They also take care a lot of technical stuff that I do not want to deal with. As a Web Designer, I desire a clean, well laid out, ad free platform to get my messages out. Speaking of messages, these posts I write get shared from here to Facebook & Twitter automatically. That saves me a lot of time and also gives me a little more freedom. Facebook suspended my account for posting a picture that violated their standards and it did not in any way violate those standards. They don’t give you any options to contest a decision, just a button to press to say you agree or disagree. I have had it. After a year of Quarantines, Political Fights and Online Ignorance, it is time for a change. I have thought a lot about it over the past week, it was an action I did not take lightly, especially since it cost me a little money. Yes I am still poor, but I am rich in friendship. Thank you for reading this and I hope you use that button in the far upper right to find out more and subscribe too!

Carry On… Mm